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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Read SIM Mobile Number via DeviceInfo Reader

If you’re like me who have lots of SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards, most probably you will tend to forget what’s the mobile number of that particular SIM unless you always have their SIM jacket but still you have to manually mix and match in order for you to get the right SIM card to the right SIM jacket.

If you have a modem device that’s capable of reading GSM commands like WM66, MF627 that can support reading of mobile number then you can use this tool I created to quickly determine the mobile number of currently inserted SIM card on your GSM device.

DeviceInfo Reader
This simple tool will quickly give you basic information of your hardware device and if supported can also display SIM’s mobile number. Some GSM modem devices doesn’t directly support reading of mobile number.

UPDATE (10/13/2009):
I made an assumption that reading mobile number is device dependent but after I tested several SIMs on the same device, found out that it is SIM (telco) dependent. The SIM available for Smart is able to output its own number on any device whilst Globe Telecom and Sun Cellular SIMs do not directly support this feature. Maybe an exception can be made for Sun Cellular (by calling *#99# will actually gives you the number of the current SIM) but I want it programmatically! =)


1. Just select a modem device on the drop-down list. This tool will enumerate all active modem devices on your computer.
2. When the Read button is clicked and device is supported reading a number, it will display the SIM’s mobile number
3. It will also display the current network and MNC (Mobile Network Code) on which the SIM is associated. And also the current received signal in percentage format.

If you’re in the Philippines and purchased a USB broadband dongle device from Smart (Models WM66, MF627) then you can use this tool to get your mobile number. I have tested this tool to the USB devices from Globe (Huawei E1552) and Sun Cellular (Huawei E160) and their modem devices doesn’t support reading of mobile number and Huawei specification for these devices are hard to find.

If your device do not support reading of mobile number, different result will be shown:


Under the hood
To make this utility possible, some GSM commands were implemented to obtain the information needed by this tool.

GSM AT Command Set
AT+CGMI        Request Manufacturer Identification
AT+CGMM        Request Model Identification
AT+CGMR        Request Revision Identification
AT+CSQ        Signal Quality
AT+CNUM        Request Own Number
AT+COPS        Request Operator Code

Download: Device Reader
Requires .NET 2.0 Framework.

I hope this tool can help people in some way.