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Smug Movies on the AppStore

Recently, Globe Labs launched MobApp Hunt 2011 for all Globe Labs registered mobile developers in the Philippines to showcase and develop their ideas into a full blown application. With this, I joined their program and submitted my proposed app, Smug Movies.

Smug Movies is an iOS/Android mobile application that aims to achieve one thing: A simple way to share your own rating and/or comment on the specific movie you’re currently watching or have watched recently. The app is not trying to become an app like IMDb or ClickTheCity instead Smug Movies will give you quick way to post your rating and/or comments to Facebook and let your friends know how you liked or disliked the movie you rated. Simple as that, no fuss and no boring details.

AppStore Description:
You’ve seen lot of movies with your friends and loved ones but wishes an app that you can quickly share your comment and rate the movie so that your online friends will immediately know if they’re going to watch that movie too! This mobile app will do just that, allowing you personally rate and comment on the movie you’re currently watching or movies you have seen.

Main Features:

Version 1.0:
* Quickly view all currently showing on your local theater (Philippines only)
* Rate the movie you currently watching
* Share your thoughts with your friends via Facebook
* Grow and view your list of all you favorited movies you’ve seen as it is stored on the cloud.

Version 1.0.1:
* Fixed: Display of comments if no comment text specified
* Optimized image caching for all downloaded thumbnail movie images
* Tab Header selection menu now stays on the top when user scrolls movie list.
* Added Youtube trailer link and AppStore link on the posted comment in Facebook
* Improve scrolling experience.
* Some minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Lastly, this iOS application will not be possible without thanking people behind this:
* Dennis Bugayong who really conceptualized the idea and we already started (but currently stopped) the Facebook version.
* Joseph Mark Vedua who made most of the graphics you’ve seen on the application.
* Raigne Tankeko for beta testing the app.
* Globe Labs who gave me a chance to make this into production and chosen as one of eligible apps for MobAppHunt 2011.

Download for Version 1.0 is already available on the AppStore, of course this is absolutely FREE! 🙂

Smug Movies iOS on App Store





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