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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Strength and Honor: Manny Pacquiao

Last week, I had a chance to meet one of Filipinos’ finest and most honored today, Manny “pacman” Pacquaio, that holds 4 titles now in different boxing division. It was a memorable moment for me to stand beside him.



Using VS2008 on my Dell Inspiron 6400 running Vista

Recently, I had an annoying problem with my Dell Inspiron 6400 on Vista when running Visual Studio 2008 when I selected a Black theme (which is my favorite theme). When in black theme, the text cursor is also turned into black which makes my mouse pointer invisible!

I’ve searched google if there are others having the same issue and found out on the MSForum that they run into same situation and their solution is to change the Mouse pointer scheme into something else. But it doesn’t work at all for me!

The culprit: the default Vista driver for my video card doesn’t handle well this kind of thing. So i went to Dell’s website and search for video driver specific for Vista. I found the updated video driver dated 3/24/2008. I immediately downloaded the file R179525 and installed it afterwards.

Problem solved. Sweet!